#90 – The Tale of What a Flea Can Do

Next time things go wrong, blame a bored flea 😄

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in an unassuming house, a flea was crawling around on some carpet feeling slightly bored. One of her favourite pastimes was annoying the household cat, who, at this time, was sleeping on a pile of freshly washed clothes. Since no humans were home, the flea decided to crawl along the cat’s back and make his tail twitch before biting him so hard that the cat jumped up in fright and run around the house at a most impressive speed.

The cat bolted back down the hallway of the house, out of the cat door attached to the laundry door, along the garden path and straight up the trunk of a tree. Predictably, a bird was sitting on the very branch the cat stopped on to attempt to remove the flea, scaring the bird and causing her to fly away in fright.

Unable to think clearly due…

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