Riding in Style

Another tale from Port Naain 😎

Tallis Steelyard


People have asked me why nobody takes a horse and cart down onto the mud of the estuary so that they can recover things more easily. It has been done, but what with the quick-sands and the problems you would have getting a cart across various of the channels, it’s not commonly done.

I have been there when oxen were used to recover stuff, but they’re a lot of work. Most shore-combers reckon that they’re not worth their feed. After all you need to find an awful lot more stuff to cover the costs of your draught animals.

A coach and four

A gig at my door

A hurdle pulled to the shallows

Drawing me to the gallows

In all candour

It may seem blander

But I’d rather walk.

Still it has been done and some managed to make it pay. Sharn Gobbert was one. He had a cart pulled…

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