Using Goodreads

Karen J. Mossman

I’ve always found Goodreads difficult to use, it’s clunky and what you see is not always what you get. There are lots of things that I don’t like, a lot that is not user friendly and simple things are made difficult. However, this post is about using Goodreads in a positive way. First things first, come and friend me over on Goodreads.

Like many authors, I’ve been using Facebook to spread the word about my stories. It’s a free platform and the growing Indie community use it for free advertising. Facebook are now tightening up and stopping the free advertising of our books.

Imagine going into a well known book shop and, because you spend everyday wandering around, you feel like its yours. You then begin putting your books on their shelves and the space you take gets bigger and bigger. The managers start objecting and knocking your books…

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4 thoughts on “Using Goodreads

  1. Thanks for the post!

    Could not agree more! I’ve e-mailed to the so-called ‘librarians’, tried in my humble way to get my old book covers updated to the new ones from a year ago PLUS! I’ve simply given up! The old covers still show on GR… Now, I might admit here that I’m no internet ‘whiz’ – far from it, but seems to me so many sites are far too complicated.

    I once posted my blogs on GR, still do occasionally, but can’t figure out how to do images… Blog posts could at one time simply be shared from WordPress, but no longer – that I can see!

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    • I had a look and see what you mean about your covers, Billy Ray – the new covers are there, but the old ones need deleting or combining – unfortunately, although I’m a GR Librarian, I’m not authorised to do anything with them – last time I tried to help an author with his covers, GR almost banned me 😱



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