The Problem With Inspirational Quotes.

Some Words That Say What I Think

In the past, religion was a much more prominent part of society and the majority of people put their faith in an ethereal being that existed outside of themselves.

For the most part, people believed that the amount of control that they had over what happened to them was limited because their life was ultimately shaped by external forces.

Nowadays, due to scientific discoveries and technological advances, fewer people believe in a greater power or all-seeing omniscient entity.

Today, society is much more individualistic and we are encouraged to believe entirely in ourselves, a trend that is fuelled by widespread distribution of inspirational quotes on the internet.

Instead of looking outward for validation, we are more likely to look inward.

Some people find this empowering.


However, it can also be quite overwhelming.


Although I think that self-belief is a positive thing in many ways, I sometimes find that relying on…

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6 thoughts on “The Problem With Inspirational Quotes.

  1. Love the little cartoons! Some days those quotes on instagram and Pinterest make me feel🙌💪👌, then the next day they make me completely overwhelmed and dissatisfied with life. Such an interesting post, thanks for sharing

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  2. Very interesting. I find that more people are looking to ‘the universe’ and new, inventive ways to speak to God or a higher power.through meditating, energy healing, tapping and other means—-not new concepts but newly popular. They all lead to what humanity has searched for since caveman times. Who made us? Only this time the search requires more work on our part.

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