It is that time of year again – Smorgasbord Blog Sitters required – Part-time vacancy 15th – 20th February

This year Sally is looking for the one post that you feel best reflects your writing style, interests and is most likely to encourage readers to head over and enjoy your other posts on your blog.
So – Get yourself over to Sally’s blog and find out what you need to do 😃

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

This is the photograph taken at my christening in April of 1953 along with my mother Mollie and my two sisters Sonia and Diana.

Apart from being sisters we also share another thing in common. We were all born in February and this year we have a couple of landmark birthdays.. I am 52 + VAT which is where I am staying!

Every year the three of us plan something special and as we all get a little older and as I have usually been living outside of the UK it is an important family reunion.  We have had some fun times, especially when my mother was still alive.

Last year I asked for your help in running my blog while I was away and it resulted in a wonderful array of posts on every conceivable subject from short stories to health and life related topics.

This year I am…

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