Tips For Creating A Novel That Sells To The Public…

By Catrin Cooper  on Just Publishing Advice site:

Authors work hard on their books. They do their best in marketing and selling their craft. It’s a fierce battle for authors as they need to fight against outside distractions.

Marketing and Writing a Book
One of the mistakes that some authors make is that they consider marketing as a separate element from writing. That is, they write for years and start to think about marketing when they have finished writing the book.

It’s wrong because book marketing is a critical part of the process. In that case, you need to start marketing your book before you even start writing it.

Thus, you have years to build your reputation, a blog, a following, credibility, and connections. You’ll need all of these things once you finish the book.

To start writing your book, you need to write for the market.


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  1. I agree with Widdershins. If someone is planning a career as an author, building a platform ahead of time just isn’t the way it works. People realize they have something to put in writing, and that’s what they do. Eventually, some may turn into “professional” writers, with business plans, platforms, a mailing list, etc. But I’ll bet most people who start to write and publish later in life don’t do that.

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  2. This may work for non-fiction/self help, but for fiction? … not so much. If Andy Weir had written to the ‘market’ of the day he probably would’ve written 50 Shades of Mars. He wrote the story he wanted to read. Given that there are English speaking markets opening up all over the world, especially if you self-pub, the odds are if it’s something you want to read, there’ll be someone out there who’ll want to read it too.

    … and if you cross all the ‘i’s’ and dot all the ‘t’s’ 🙂 there’s still no proven formula that will ‘sell’ a novel.

    Even with the non-fiction market you have to be right on the ball, with all your research ducks lined up and even then, in today’s social media driven world, your ‘trend’ may have died a sudden death before you even get out of the gate

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    • I agree totally that authors should write what they want to write and what’s in their hearts. Trying to write for the market is an easy way to write blasé work that’s not worth reading. Certainly, writing an excellent book that people want to devour is a crucial part of the process.
      However, a lot of new or aspiring authors underestimate the competition among writers. Agents and publishers receive tens of millions of manuscripts a year, and many of them are very good. It can be a competitive advantage to already have a proven market and community. Agents and publishers want books to sell, and a key way to make that happen is the author (whether fiction or nonfiction) having an established platform and ability to market themselves.
      Marketing should not be placed as higher importance than creating something masterful, but it is an important piece of the puzzle.

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