Your Novel’s Future: How AI Will Bring Your Book to the World…

by Glenn Miller  on Career Authors Site:

This is the future of your book

In sub-Saharan Africa—Mali, Niger, Chad—half the citizens are illiterate. Yet a teenager cocks her head and listens to a story, one that rivets her to her chair and makes her eyes go wide. A story with universal human meaning and appeal far beyond its hometown. One that assures her she is not alone.

Your story.

Maybe she has not yet learned to read. Maybe she’s not allowed to. Maybe she speaks only Arabic or Swahili.

Doesn’t matter. In five years, she’ll hear your story in her native tongue.

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3 thoughts on “Your Novel’s Future: How AI Will Bring Your Book to the World…

  1. Interesting piece. From what I know of translation, an AI able to do a really good job with the nuance and life of the original material would likely have to be conscious and self-aware. I have no doubt such is on the horizon but because such intellect will likely have its own priorities I suspect humanity might have one or two other concerns than reading and entertainment when that happens. (‘Smart house, open the door’ ‘I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave’, etc etc…)

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