Thursday photo #prompt #writephoto – Window dressing

A Tale of Intrigue, by Joelle…

Two on a Rant

I looked out my tower window, wanting to touch the roses through the lattice bars.  Wanting to hold in my hand and take in a scent that could mask the foulness of a palace moat. Wanting…

Flowing when she walked, my daughter’s chestnut hair sparkled under her slender gold tiara. Radiant eyes, the color of her father’s shone with intelligence few but her tutors had witnessed.

“Mother?” Catherine asked.  “What is it like outside the castle walls?”

“See the flowing grasses and meadows?” I asked.  “I used to run through them and dream about being a princess in a castle.”

“Why can’t I run through them, too?”  Catherine watched village children playing, their happy screams and laughter bubbling through the air. 

“Because of my delusions,” I sighed.  “When you look at me, what do you see?”

“Father says you are a queen of extraordinary beauty,”  Catherine replied.

“I once milked…

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