How to Get Your Book Picked Up By A Publisher…

By Lisa Brown  on Just Publishing Advice site:

Do you fancy seeing your name in print?

Or is it the drive to make a living from your passions that got you writing a book?

You probably have a stack of numerous written pages in your drawer or stored in your computer.

One thought that keeps you up every night, all night is, what does it take to be published?

There are different options for getting published, just as you would get many results when looking for literature review service.

The dream of most writers is to land a traditional publisher. In this arrangement, the publisher pays you royalties and an advance as he or she assumes all costs.

In that, you get paid by the publisher for the publishing rights of your work. You can also choose to self-publish or hire a service that charges you to publish your material.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the publishing journey is a long haul.

Drawing the attention of a traditional publisher


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