7 Tips to Ruins: Vines, Sand, Snakes, & More Vines

How deep into your created world(s) do YOU go?

Legends of Windemere

Shadow of the Colossus

You can’t have a fantasy world without some ruins, but there’s always the question of how to create them.  Okay, so many authors might come off as simply cobbling together a bunch of broken buildings and wastelands.  Yet, there’s much more technique and substance to these areas.  They aren’t solely for adventurers to wander around, get into fights, and discover treasure.  So, what are some tips to consider?

  1. Don’t forget to have your adventurers wander around these cobbled together broken buildings that are probably in the middle of a wasteland.  They will probably get into fights and find some treasure that’s been lost to the ages.  What?  Oh, I guess this does contradict everything I said before.  Well . . . moving on!
  2. Ruins should show their age since they are typically not maintained.  There are those that the locals preserve and continue to use for…

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