#67 – The Tale of a Snail [A Poem]

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in a shell there lived a snail,
And everywhere he went, he would be last without fail.
His friends would often say, “Hey, Snail, c’mon mate!”
But as fast as he could go he would always get there late.

Now, snail wasn’t daft, in fact he was quite bright,
And he would make up time by traveling through the night.
So, while his friends were resting and then soon be fast asleep,|
He’d continue in first gear and from A to B he’d creep.

When all his friends would wake up, it was go, go, go!
But snail couldn’t see the rush and he’d just take it slow.
“There’s so much here to see and do, you know it’s not a race,
I’ll stop and smell the roses and get there at my own pace.”

So, sometimes, yes, he’d not be there and miss out on…

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