640+ Killer Ways to Promote Your Book…

by Belinda Griffin  on Smart Authors Lab site:

Looking for book marketing ideas?

When planning this post I really wanted to put together an epic list of book marketing and promotion ideas for indie authors and their self-published books, but there are already so many excellent tips out there.

I thought, what would be more useful for you, another list of book marketing tips that repeat what others have already said, or an ultimate guide that directs you to some of the most helpful content the internet already has to offer?

I decided to go with the second option, and I’m sure you’ll agree there are some truly valuable book marketing ideas out there when you know where to look. I’ve done the searching so you don’t have to and these are all fantastic book promotion tips from experts who really know their stuff.

You can use these book marketing ideas and promotion tips as inspiration whenever you want to give your book a boost or need some fresh tactics to experiment with.

Do not be overwhelmed by all of the ideas in the lists below. Many of the suggestions will be repeated, but even so there are still hundreds of tips to work through. Do not feel you must tackle them all.

Take one step at a time.

Start where you are, so whichever tactic makes sense to you right now, do that one and forget the rest. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step, try something else.

So, in no particular order, let’s get started.

The ultimate list of book marketing ideas



3 thoughts on “640+ Killer Ways to Promote Your Book…

  1. I thought over 4,500 followers on blog, tw, fb, lnkin, pintst and G+ was an impressive outreach , a successful effort and fertile market showplace. Sold 16 books since publican 2011. One reason is that it costs $10 to manufacture 100 full color image book not counting publishers take. So another marketing advice is “keep production cost low”. I would not buy my own 53 page book for $15 either. Books of mere text are so very much cheaper to manufacture. Suggestion #641.

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