#58 – A Tale on How to Make Friends

Story time 😃

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, in a world where friends and friendship were highly valued, there lived a young boy named Daniel who struggled to make friends of his own. His parents had tried to get him to play outside with the kids from the neighbourhood, but this usually ended with Daniel choosing to sit alone as the other kids played. Now in school, Daniel was having similar troubles and his teachers held regular meetings with his parents to discuss what might be done to help. Seeing the effect this situation was having on Daniel and his family, his grandmother bought him a book titled, How to Make Friends. Daniel thanked his Grandmother and immediately went to his room to get started.

The first chapter described the materials Daniel was going to need to make his new friend. For the insides, there was a surprising amount of wires and circuits needed…

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