A Sedan chair caper!

Dastardly Dirty Deeds in Port Naain 😱

Tallis Steelyard


The blood pounded in Jethan’s ears as he ran. The rope across his shoulders burned into him, like most Sedan chair bearers, he preferred to take the weight there and use his hands on the poles for fine adjustment. He could see the Falbarge chair just ahead, moving well. Yet in spite of everything they were catching up on it.

The smash had spoiled things, Nellia Falbarge had stuck a languid hand out of her chair window and had poured little glass beads into his path as they tried to overtake. He’d almost avoided them but his back man wasn’t so fortunate and the chair had ricocheted off the alley wall and back to block the path of the chair behind.

He’d recovered first and had broken one of the chair’s shafts across the shoulders of a bystander laughing at them, before helping Madam get out of her chair. In…

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