Make Your Own Self-Publisher’s Survival Kit…

By Joel Friedlander  on The Book Designer:

Raging wildfires. 500-year hurricanes. Earthquakes triggering mudslides. Sea-level rise.

It’s enough to make you want to bury your head under the covers.

Both the occurrence of these disasters and the detailed and extensive reporting on them have fueled a growing interest in preparing for the worst. Ads for survival kits, water purification systems, underground vaults, and home protection schemes pop up regularly.

But we’re indie authors taking on the publishing of our own books. And in the publishing jungle, there are lots of threats, dangers, scary mountain trails, and odd characters ready to destroy your plans.

How is a lonely author, one who has spent the last year inside her cave spare bedroom working on her book, supposed to face down these threats?

Just like survivalist “preppers” we can prepare ourselves for the arduous journey to come. And what we’ll need is our own “Self-Publisher’s Survival Kit” with our own purification system, nourishment for the long days ahead, and shelter from the circling hyenas looking for an easy meal.

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What’s In Your Survival Kit?


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