A spot of snow on England’s old canals #winter #england #offgrid

Ian is shivering in his timbers 😱

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

Dreamy Blend Photo Effect: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/dreamy-blend The Cardinal’s cratch cover is doing sterling work, keeping the Arctic blast from blowing directly onto the doors. I rather think though that when I do come to move, those ropes will be less than warm to the touch…

I had a real treat this morning. There I was, sitting at my desk snorting my first coffee of the day, when a spherical red robin landed in the snow-covered hedgerow right alongside my window. I think that perhaps, just perhaps, winter may have arrived in England. No photograph of course, I tried but it seems that robins, like herons – but not crows – have polarising vision that can see right through the Cardinal’s one-way glass.

Of course, the poor little devil was only spherical because he was fluffing out his feathers in an attempt to avoid being frozen solid…

The weather forecasts of late have been chaotic. Storm Cedric…

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3 thoughts on “A spot of snow on England’s old canals #winter #england #offgrid

  1. Many thanks, sir, many thanks. Now that darkness has fallen again I find myself wondering where the robin is, hoping that he has a centrally-heated nest somewhere rock solid and safe. I wouldn’t fancy being out all night in weather such as this, and yet those wee beasties manage somehow.

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