#47 – The Tale of the Light of a Firework

Time for one of Gregg’s Tales 😃

The Daily Tales of Gregg Savage

Once upon a time, on a boat in the middle of a very calm river which separated two sides of the same city, there lived a firework. She had been placed on the boat earlier that day, her carer being as careful with her as he had been with any living thing. It was still daytime, and the firework knew that she needed to stay home until the sun had gone, and she could see the moon.

She spent some time enjoying the feeling of the boat lifting and then dropping ever so slightly while listening to the sounds of the small waves knocking underneath her. Her eagerness to get into the sky grew as she watched the clouds drift slowly above her. They look so free and peaceful up there, she thought. Occasionally, her thoughts were broken by someone on the boat yelling or by the engine of the…

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