Calling All Beta Readers

If YOU are interested, please contact John, or Gwen, at the email addresses given the end of John’s original blog post 😃

Fiction Favorites

Uncle John and Aunt Gwen need you

Uncle Sam

Gwen M. Plano and I  have just finished our book collaboration titled The Contract. We are looking for beta readers to give us some feedback on the manuscript before a professional edit. We would like to have the story in the beta readers hands no later than January 1st.  We would appreciate the comments back to us by February 16th. This due date will give the beta readers six weeks to read and comment.

The information that we would like to know

1 Did you enjoy the story?

2 Were there any parts of the story that were confusing?

3 Were there any missing plot points?

4 Were the characters believable?

5 Did you have any feelings about the characters?

6 Was the ending satisfactory?

7 What if anything would you want to be included in the story that would make it more…

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