Ice and a slice #England #narrowboat #winter

A chilly canal somewhere in Cheshire 😱
BTW, Ian has one of his action packed videos on his original blog post 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

Yesterday presented itself as quite the perfect boating day. Someone spilt blue all over the sky, the sun had been lit (probably by accident) and the wind altogether forgot to turn up for the party. The Cardinal and I had many, many fine things that needed to be done. We done ’em.


As ever, it wasn’t quite the straightforward “run up the lateen crab-claw and hold out your pocket handkerchief, Mr Christian” procedure. Oh no. We, that is to say, I needed services – a dash of main tank water, some potable water, the disposal of rubbish and recycling, a spot of gazunder emptying and mayhap a little diesel into the mix if you have a good vintage. The nearest services, Aqueduct Marina, were some hundreds of yards behind us and through one of those narrows made by a removed bridge. Too far to reverse with any dignity.

The nearest…

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2 thoughts on “Ice and a slice #England #narrowboat #winter

  1. Thank you once again, sir – thank’ee. The video in this blog post is quite tame compared to the one that I am uploading – I tried to walk into the nearest village today. Big mistake. BIG mistake. Insane traffic, and a pathway through the woods worthy of the film Deliverance… 😉 Coming soon (as Pearl & Dean always used to say). This video too features my thumb and a light cough of surprise ten seconds in…

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