The peddler…

A gentle tale from Cyranny’s Cove 😀

Cyranny's Cove

It was an almost nameless little town, in an almost unknown country-side area. With little houses planted, like trees, far enough away from each other, that two neighbours could have lived their whole life without knowing they even existed, if one had no curiousity.

She lived in the home her father had built from his bare hands. Not a big house, but comfortable enough for her own needs. Especially since her parents had left her, a couple of years back. She had grown up learning to take care of their little farm, and the few animals and small piece of land that were her family’s legacy sufficed to make her life a good one.

One day, as she was sweeping the broom on the hardwood kitchen floor, someone knocked at her door. She went to open it, curious to see who this might be, and a man stood on her…

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