Coping with Reading Guilt in 7 Easy Steps – Published by ‘Fantasy Faction’

Thanks to Aurora, for making a linking post to Nicola’s great post 👍😃

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Nicola Alter published this article about ‘Reading Guilt’ on the website of ‘Fantasy Faction’. I thought it was worth spreading the word about these seven steps, since I very much suspect I am suffering from reading guilt. Thank you, Nicola!

Every year, countless readers suffer from a condition known as Reading Guilt. According to a prominent scientist (or possibly, to no prominent scientists), anxious or time-strapped readers are particularly vulnerable. Sometimes the condition can be so debilitating it actively prevents the reader from reading, which can lead to a dangerous spiral that only further exacerbates the problem.

Signs you might suffer from Reading Guilt of one form or another can include:

1. The pile of unread books on your shelf, be it virtual or real, makes you feel anxious every time you look at it.

2. You occasionally dust off that book your friend loaned you and pretend you are…

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4 thoughts on “Coping with Reading Guilt in 7 Easy Steps – Published by ‘Fantasy Faction’

  1. No guilt here. Most of the books in my possession I haven’t read are reference books, I’ll read them when I need them! Yes I have a pile of fiction TBR but I read one or two books a week (and that’s rationing myself or I could easily get through a book an evening) so they will be read – eventually – so no point obsessing about them 🙂

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