The festival

Tallis attends a Literary Festival and offers some tips you might be wise NOT to try 😎

Tallis Steelyard


Oh the joy of the literary festival. Frankly I avoid them like the plague. They tend to involve patrons who should know better demanding that ‘their’ poet entertain their friends in a wet tent. Not only that but everybody is so cold and damp that they stare blankly at you, clasping their wine glass to their bosom in a death grip. It can be so bad that even the wine’s been diluted by the endless rain. In spite of this I still found myself performing at the Candleman’s Cove festival of all the arts.

Candleman’s Cove itself doesn’t have a lot to recommend it. It’s situated on the mouth of a small river, has a range of picturesque ruins (pictured), and an only marginally squalid fishing village (which never appears in art). Along the coast there are some pleasant villas and scattered about the countryside some rather pleasant estates. For…

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