Stop Making Excuses: One Writer’s Doubt-Slaying Strategies for Freelance Success…

by Carol Tice  on Make a Living Writing site:

What’s holding you back from freelance success?

For a lot of writers, it’s fear of failure, doubt, or that voice inside your head that tries to convince you that you’ll never be good enough.

Believe me. I know what it’s like to keep second-guessing yourself, steer clear of networking and marketing, and get stuck feeling like every other writer is killing it but you.

I wasn’t always a freelance writer. In fact, I was a TV news reporter and producer, teacher, and human resources professional, before I made the leap to full-time freelancing.

Even though I had plenty of career experience, I had my doubts about freelance success.

But I knew I had to slay those dragons and stop making excuses.

It didn’t happen overnight. But I have found ways to overcome my doubts and fears, move up and earn more. And so can you.

Here are a few ways I deal with the doubts that trip me up the most:

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Recently, I rented a booth at a small business event. I had rock-star marketing collateral and a cool, antique typewriter on the table.

A woman spotted the typewriter and made a beeline for me.

Our conversation went like this:

“I love old typewriters! So, what do you do?”

“I’m a freelance writer.”

“What do you write?”

I listed all kinds of writing that her business might need.

Meanwhile, in my head, a voice chanted, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest fraud of all?”

Sound familiar?

Fear is no fairy tale for new writers, and more experienced writers, too. But you can’t let that hold you back from freelance success.

Grab your virtual sword and cut your way through these fears and doubts:

Find out how, at:

Doubt-Slaying Strategies 


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