Write a short story about food and drink for a chance to win £10,000 prize


cup-2910700_640Food and drink must be at the heart of the story you enter for The Mogford Prize. It could be a life-changing conversation over lunch; a romance in a cafe; a thriller in a greengrocers, a chill-your-spine and curdle-your-blood horror story about school dinners, but whatever it is eating and drinking has to be a central part of your theme .

American author Bill Bryson and  television cook  Lorraine Pascale are the judges this year.

Here’s the nitty gritty but do double-check all the terms and conditions before you send anything off.

Lenght: Maximum 2500 words – no minimum
Entry fee: £10 per story
Who can enter: “The prize is open to any nationality…over the age of 18 years”
Prize: The winning entry will receive £10,000 and an inscribed prize.
* The winning entry will be read by an actor and uploaded to the StoryPlayer website
* Three runner-ups will received…

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