The anatomy of a Monday move #narrowboat #England

The day dawned as still and quiet as the space behind a politician’s eyes. 😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

Do all that may be done, and then put your feet up and do nothing.

The view from my desk window this morning…

Lomo Photo Effect Tool:

Yesterday was a day of action – busy, busy, busy. I unhinged the Cardinal from our moorings, pootled up the canal a bit, turned us around in a delightfully deserted winding hole, ambled back to the services at Venetian marina, emptied/filled, turned again there (with an audience this time, natch) and jogged along a mile and some, through the 11′ fall of Minshull Lock and thence to some nice moorings just yon side of Aqueduct marina.

To add “goodness me” to “ooh yes” the neighbours bogged politely off this morning, so the Cardinal and I have these moorings, for the moment, all to ourselves.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool:

The view is dreadful, nothing but scenery and greenery (“brownery” at this time of year).

I slept inordinately well last night after yesterday’s…

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