This Week in Indie Publishing

FIVE articles for Indies 😀

Author Don Massenzio

art1Lessons Learned about Self-Publishing

I have talked to many authors. Very few have nice things to say about the publishing aspect. It was a little over a decade ago that Self Publishing became popular. It seemed to many a panacea, no pesky agents, no wicked publishing house taking the lion’s share of the sales dollars. Of course, this is a very simplistic view. There are many facets to self publishing, so many factors are in play, and each and every book has its own provenance.

I was talking to author Jim Serritella a few days ago, he published a book about his wife’s travails fighting cancer. [link] and asked him if he would be willing to share his story….. my friends, I give you…

Lessons Learned about Self-Publishing

Read the rest of this story HERE.

art2Do You Dream of Writing a Book?

Since my book The Joy Plan

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