They’ve been at it again…

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Cartoons by IndieBerriesCartoon by IndieBerries


Dear WordPress… what have you done now?
This latest game’s a joke…
Why did you have to tamper
With a thing that wasn’t broke?

‘Press This’ had always worked so well
I was over the moon
When I found I could schedule posts
Reblogging was a boon.

It made short work of setting up
A timely scheduled piece,
It needed the odd tweak or two…
But this latest release?

I do not like the way it works,
Or how it loads, a bit…
You’ve taken something useful, once again
And made it… hmmm…


First, the ‘Press This’ marklet ceased to function, warning me it had been ‘deprecated’. Unfamiliar with this particular application of the term, but having the sneaking feeling I knew all too well what it meant anyway, I Googled…

Sure enough, it has ceased to function altogether and needs the new version installing.

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