Get the dash right when you write

Jean's Writing

Not talking Morse Code.

Does the Hyphen, EN Dash, and EM Dash ever confuse you?

They have me. Thank goodness for editors who know the difference.

I wonder if I’ll ever remember everything I need to know about punctuation. Seems the more I read the more I need to read. Something like that. Joel Friedlander posted a great article about using dashes instead of commas and how we can get the placement mixed up.

What I learned about the right way to use these punctuations…

  1. That the dash is not based on the font size.
  2. The difference between a Hyphen, EN, and EM.
    • Hyphen is shortest
    • EN is shorter than EM
    • EM is the longest
  3. The three are not interchangeable.
  4. An editors shorthand for where to put them.
  5. And the short-cut keystrokes to insert them.
  6. Short-cut keystrokes are a quick way to insert special characters. Of course, you can always…

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