A slow video amble along a short stretch of canal #narrowboat #offgrid #england

Get your canal fix via the video on Ian’s original blog post 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

The Cardinal and I are heading east, and this is fortunate, since heading west on this stretch at this time of day requires sunglasses of a strength not yet produced on planet Earth…

… a couple of boats have passed me in the opposite direction, their midshipmen squinting into the setting sun to little avail.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/lomo

The scene did mellow a little eventually and soften into a more gentle sunset…


We are heading, methinks, into terra nova for us, onto stretches of the network that won’t be closed for winter stoppages and repairs. A few weeks’ mooch in this direction and then the stoppages alternate, and the Cardinal and I must of necessity mooch back on ourselves into the sunset and beyond again.

Today’s move was a short one, about one mile plus one lock and a visit to the nice services at Venetian Hire, for water, coal, gazunder-emptying and a…

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2 thoughts on “A slow video amble along a short stretch of canal #narrowboat #offgrid #england

  1. Thank’ee kindly sir – I have had a small torpedo released from the Cardinal’s forward tubes in your honour. I don’t think that anyone was in the way… although this section of canal is rather straight, so it may still be running. 😉

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