When to write a press release…

by Sandra Beckwith  on BuildBookBuzz site:

B.D., an author, asked me for help writing a press release. Her book had been nominated for a statewide book award.

Not long before that, when author N.T.’s book was nominated for a citywide award, she asked if she should send out a press release.

In both cases, I discouraged them from sending announcements to the press. “Save it for when you win,” I advised.

My advice might have confused them. After all, I often recommend writing and sending a press release when you have news to announce. Many others with experience in this area provide the same advice.

What are the “rules?”

If an award nomination isn’t cause for a press release, then what is?

I’ll answer the question with two more.

First, ask yourself: “Is this really news?”

Then answer this question: “What media outlets use news like this?”

I applied these two questions to the nomination inquiries I received from authors B.D. and N.T.

For both, the answer to “Is this really news?” is “It’s news to share with your networks but not news for a general audience, particularly people who don’t know you.”

So in both instances, instead of encouraging them to send a press release, I recommended that they:

  • Add something about their announcement in their next e-mail newsletter
  • Write a blog post about it
  • Share the news on the social networks they use most often

All three tactics are reasonable and appropriate alternatives to sending a press release in this situation.

Continue reading at:

7 situations that deserve a press release



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