What to Consider When Selling eBooks on Your Website: Pros, Cons and Tools…

By David Wogahn  on Author Imprints site:

Everyone knows you can make more money (or save money) by “cutting out” the middleman. That idea is even more tempting when you consider eBooks cost nothing to manufacture beyond the cost to create the first copy. So why don’t more authors and publishers sell direct to the public rather than stores like Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, B&N Nook, et al? I can think of 2 primary reasons:

Those stores have an audience. Readers visit daily to look for books to read.
Readers of eBooks like the ease of paying for a book, and having it show up on their device or app without doing anything further.
What is interesting is that while both of these are real issues, lots of people overcome them and go on to make tens of thousands of dollars. Nathan Barry refuses to sell on Amazon and has made a small fortune with his book called Authority.

Barry’s considerable success aside, you need to think things through carefully. Here is some helpful guidance to guide your planning.

Pros and Cons of Selling eBooks Direct



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