…mobile-phone-itis… the delusion of being in communication control…

Seumas Gallacher

…once upon a time… in an age long far gone from mem’ry, people used to have face-to-face conversations… then the invention of the telephone brought the ability to use a machine to dial up another machine, and through that means, hold a different type of conversation… the type of hours-long conversations that had fathers of teenagers pulling their hair out when the monthly telephone company bills arrived… these contraptions were attached to walls, or sat on furniture with wires attached to sum’place in the skirting boards in homes and offices… came then the ‘blessing-cum-curse’of mobile communication devices… at first people called them ‘hand-held’… (how else do yeez ‘hold’ if not in yer ‘hand‘?)… and the transformation of the WURLD of personal communication as we knew it had begun… fast forward to the present day… it seems in the cities, malls, buses and planes I move in, everybody…

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