Two ferns quivered a little and a teacup was broken in the scullery #England #narrowboat #storms

A storm called ‘Ophelia’ and a narrowboat looking for a kiss are just two of the things Ian of the Canals has braved(?) his way through recently 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

It is not often that I seem to move in the correct direction. If within ten miles of a hole I can fall into it for no apparent reason. Recently though, the Cardinal and I mooched our way east, off the Llangollen and – unknowingly, incidentally – away from the approach of Ophelia.

Storm Ophelia, now happily “passed on” in every sense was, during her overnight visit, a still cantankerous, still obstreperous and still unpleasant shadow of her former hurricane self. On the edge of her flapping black cloak the Cardinal and I got winds of 50mph, Eire was treated to winds of 118mph, the Welsh coast and Wales within to something in-between. Today, the day after Ophelia’s dying outburst, has dawned with blue sky, fluffy clouds and a light breeze. As all howling harpies do, she has blown herself weak and hoarse and away over the horizon. She will…

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2 thoughts on “Two ferns quivered a little and a teacup was broken in the scullery #England #narrowboat #storms

  1. Thank’ee kindly, sir! I’d love to ask the owners of the red boat with the lip-arrangement fenders whether they made them so deliberately or just by chance and then kept them – or if they see what I see there at all! 😉

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