Media Training for Authors – Advertising – Physical Watering Holes where Readers Gather.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Last week I looked at just some of the online watering holes where your readers and other writers gather. This week it is time to face your public and whilst that can often be more daunting than an audition on X-Factor, it can seriously up the sales for your book.

I have sold more print copies face to face than I have ever sold online. As with local marketing to local radio and media, this can very often be the most effective way to sell your books.

To be honest we have got carried away with the notion that we have this global market place that we must conquer. I never did like competing with millions of others and much prefer a smaller pond.  I had two opportunities for selling my books when I was in the UK looking after my mother. Through specific outlets, as part of my nutritional…

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