The unexpected revolt of Callin Dorg.

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Tallis Steelyard

The unexpected revolt of Callin Dorg.

Callin Dorg was an unlikely rebel. He was, in effect, that happy creature, the financially secure poet. A fortunate inheritance left him the proud owner of a rather pleasant house in the Merchant quarter. The financial acumen of three generations of his forebears had ensured he was supported by sound investments, and the restraint of his mother meant that these riches were not diluted by being passed down to a horde of covetous siblings. So whilst not wealthy, he was at least secure. With a modicum of care his investments would support him in modest comfort.

Add to this good fortune the undisputed facts that he was at least an adequate poet, was possessed of a not unpleasing countenance, and had a witty and warm disposition.

This is not to say that his was a life which passed serenely and without incident. Part of his inheritance was a substantial interest…

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