Microsoft cuts back on mobile Windows 10

(because If you use a Windows 10 mobile device for reading ebooks, you might have to resign yourself to switching platforms eventually. According to CNet, corporate vice president of Windows 10 and head of Microsoft’s “PC-Tablet-Phone” division Joe Belfiore has tweeted that Microsoft is pulling back from new Windows 10 mobile software and devices. The company will continue to provide security fixes, and support companies that are heavily invested in the platform and roll it out to their users, but it’s apparently no longer going to throw good money after bad when it comes to trying to build out the ecosystem.

The reason? Microsoft simply hasn’t been able to cajole or incentivize enough developers to make apps for the platform. Even Bill Gates gave up on Windows phone and switched to Android, and Belfiore himself has admitted to doing the same, citing the bigger ecosystem as the reason.

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