Tell Me a Story Choppy and Sarah Ferguson

Click the ‘Tell Me a Story’ link – scroll down to the Sarah and Choppy podcast – listen and enjoy 😀

Annette Rochelle Aben

Well, everyone enjoys a corny joke… especially my guests today on the podcast, known as Tell Me a Story

Head on over and give a listen to Author/Blogger, Sarah Ferguson (otherwise known as the human who enjoyed her Travels With Choppy!  Who is Choppy? Really?  She is the world-famous dog who has more wardrobe options on a daily basis than Cher has costume changes during a live performance!  Choppy has a book out and Sarah tells us the back story of how Corny Dog Jokes came to be.

This book is perfect for those who enjoy grinning and groaning (I mean that in a good way) at the same time. And Choppy (be sure to head to her Facebook Page and follow her) is not only the teller of head shaking humor, but enjoys modeling her favorite togs.  What a bargain, because you get BOTH, the…

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