Myrtle the Purple Turtle

Meet Cynthia’s daughter, Lauren – and learn the reason why Myrtle the Purple Turtle was created.

The book (illustrated beautifully by my lovely friend and Author, Jo Robinson) is now available for Pre-Order.

Lauren Reyes-Grange, Digital Marketer

My first childhood memory of school was being bullied by my peers for having a black doll. I was 4 years old and my black cabbage patch doll Quentin, was in my opinion, the bees knees.. until some kids in my class called him dirty and said they wouldn’t play with me if I had Quentin with me. This hurt – a lot.

My 4-year-old self believed Quentin was a character in his own right and his skin colour resembled so many people in my family. But wanting to fit in and make friends, I started leaving Quentin at home and eventually my parents caught on. I don’t remember much from that time but I do remember feeling like I didn’t belong, that I was different and there was something wrong with me that made me different. You can read more about the story here, but what the…

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