What’s More Important: Author Websites or Social Media?

by Jane Friedman

In 2013, I observed a conversation on Twitter where a publisher said they didn’t believe in author websites “for a lot of authors”—that social was a better place for authors to spend time from a marketing perspective.

It bothered me, and I ended up writing a blog post about it, exploring why a publisher might think this—rightly or wrongly.

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Author Websites or Social Media?


13 thoughts on “What’s More Important: Author Websites or Social Media?

  1. Ooh. This is tough. So many differing opinions. I happen to agree with Jane. Social media is more interactive. But an author site is (or can be) professional, comprehensive, and always available. You’re not at the whim of social media changes.

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  2. Blogs and author pages can only do so much, and the reach is limited. Mainstream social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, are critical for the Indie Author.


  3. I think both platforms are crucial to our success. Social media gives a birds-eye view of me and what I am about and directs people to my author page where they can collect the detail.That’s only the tip of the story. SM also enables me to interact and learn from a variety of professionals and to share my messages as well as me theirs. It’s about building an interactive community of friends and supporters.My author page has a long way to go although that said, it will always be a work in progress.All this of course has an impact on writing / editing time but I believe it pays.Finding the balance is key.

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  4. Facebook has become too hit and miss. Unless you ‘boost’ a post for money, there is no way of knowing how many people will see it, and it could be a very low number indeed. An author website has to be a must, in addition to anything else… everything else…

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