Quirky October holidays offer book promotion possibilities…

by Sandra Beckwith  on Build Book Buzz site:

One of the easiest ways to promote your book is to link it to events, seasonal occasions, and holidays.

You’ve probably noticed how many businesses use some sort of “back to school” advertising and promotion angle in August and September. You’ll see many doing the same thing with Halloween next month.

You can do this with your book just as easily as they can with their products. It just takes a little imagination.

A long list of fun, quirky holidays helps, too. That’s why I’ve listed what’s coming up for October.

If you can link your book to any of them, write and send a press release or tip sheet, write a blog post, create an image to share on social media, or pitch a story idea. All you need is a logical and appropriate link to one of these fun holidays listed below.

For example, if you’re a cookbook author, use October 1, “National Homemade Cookies Day,” as a reason to share cookie recipes from your book.

Does your book address the evils of bullying? October 5, “Do Something Nice Day,” provides an opportunity to offer advice on how to prevent or stop bullying.

Scan the full list for a good fit for your book and have fun with it, at:

Quirky October Holiday Promotion Opportunities List



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