5 Reasons Why You Should Be a Social Media Minimalist…

by Chris Syme  on Social Media Just for Writers site:

There’s something inside all of us that says when we do less, we get less in return. More work means more return, right? Not when it comes to marketing. Especially not when it comes to social media. In marketing, it pays to be a minimalist.

What the Heck Is a Minimalist?

If you look in the dictionary, a minimalist is a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals. But I don’t think that is focused enough. So, mind if I expand that a little? I believe a social media minimalist is a person that favors a strategic approach to marketing that requires three things:

  • Knowing which social media channel or channels produce the best return for my time and money
  • Knowing how to optimize those channels for engagement and sales
  • Implementing a system of primary and outpost channels to give maximum exposure of my brand with a minimal amount of work.

A social media minimalist needs five important skills:

  • Know how to conduct basic audience research—where area readers globally and where are your readers?
  • Know the basics of how to sell (psychological triggers, sales funnel 101).
  • Know how to evaluate which social media platform is the best primary channel to sell their books.
  • Know how to optimize a primary social media channel for engagement and sales (you must engage where you want to sell).
  • Know how to set up secondary social media channels as outposts that redirect fans back to the primary channel of engagement. These are placeholders where you do not engage.

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Be a Social Media Minimalist


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