3 Ways to Use Hashtags as Authors…

By Frances Caballo  on The Book Designer site:

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Hashtags seem to be everywhere these days. You can find them on billboards, in ads, and as promotions for athletic games.

I remember being at a concert a few years ago. Someone tapped me on my shoulder and asked me what a hashtag was. That doesn’t occur anymore because they are everywhere.

There are hashtags for marathons, bank anniversaries, and beer promotions. They may be prevalent, but do we really understand them? Maybe. But I thought it would be good to review how hashtags work and where and when you’d want to use them.

August 23 was the 10th anniversary of Twitter hashtags, the first place that hashtags cropped up. Chris Messina, a social technology expert, is credited with inventing the first hashtag, which happened to be #barcamp. He wanted to use a hashtag to group tweets around a common theme, a conference.

We’ve come a long way since the use of that first hashtag. According to Twitter, users now share an average of 125 million hashtags daily.

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Three Ways to Use Hashtags


3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use Hashtags as Authors…

  1. A very interesting article and simple but thorough guide to the use of hashtags from Frances. I had always wondered what they were used for – their real practical application and not a sound bite

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