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Trina has posted a generous invitation to everyone 👍

Please call over to her original blog post and leave links to YOUR favourite posts 😎



Its good to be crazy Sometimes

Lets try this again, with the stuff I learn from last weekend involved.

Do you have a post you want to share, share it, just want to share your blog, share than. Even if you have seen a post and gone yep that is amazing and want to share that, then go for it.

Drop me a link in the comment section and I will share it between midnight Saturday and 11.30pm Sunday, cause I am weird like that.

You have till 11.30pm Friday to make sure I have the links, if you want drop more than one. It can be about anything, however I will not post anything hateful, think racism, sexism etc. I will try and give a bit of a blurb about the post or your blog, but after last weeks one I did struggle, but its always worth a go, if nothing else just to prove…

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