Reading into the lack of a new Kindle announcement

Yesterday, Amazon held a surprise event announcing a number of new additions to its Amazon Echo line. They involved a couple of new Echo speakers and some accessories, including the Echo Spot video phone alarm clock which a friend described as “very Jetsons.” (One TechCrunch writer was less impressed, comparing it to her old Chumby digital alarm clock—which made me a little nostalgic, given that my period working for Best Buy telephone tech support coincided with the waning days of the Insignia Infocast, which was the guts of a Chumby in an Insignia-branded casing.) There was even mention of that standard of late-night infomercials, the talking Big Mouth Billy Bass.

While the new Echos will probably continue to work great for reading audiobooks, there wasn’t a whole lot pertaining to ebooks. Even the Echo Spot seems meant more for showing videos than reading text, though the old…

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One thought on “Reading into the lack of a new Kindle announcement


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