…Authors… yer book’s a what kinda seller?

Seumas takes a humorously serious look at

‘Best Seller’ Labels 😎

Seumas Gallacher

…in the WURLD of publishing, after ‘the cheque’s in the mail’, the phrase most prob’ly more abused than any other is the ‘such and such Best Seller’… it seems to my warped understanding that the old meaning of ‘best‘, being ‘the Number 1 above all others’ doesn’t quite translate that way in the book business… at any given moment, promotional blurbs abound tagging dozens… nay, tagging hundreds… even more nay, tagging hundreds and p’raps thousands of titles simultaneously as ‘Best Seller’…

…could be ‘The Noo Yawk Times Best Seller’, the ‘Sunday Times Supplement Best Seller’, the ‘Platinum, or Gold, or Silver, or Ruby, or Tin, Garbage Writers Guild Best Seller’… or maybe the ‘Local Dry Cleaners Writers Best Seller’, the ‘Best Seller in my Front Room’… yeez get my drift… and by the way, the addendum is always ‘#1 Best Seller’,

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