The Last Taboo

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

I read this morning on my trusty BBC News app that the last taboo is loneliness.

There we are in our teens with (usually) our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends all alive and well.  The majority of us then go on to create our own families in our twenties, and are busy juggling the demands of a family with work commitments.  There is no time to feel lonely.

In our thirties our children are growing up, and the house is full of their friends.  Even though our grandparents may die in our thirties, we still have busy lives.  We mourn them, remember good times, and carry on carrying on.

By the time we reach our late forties and early fifties, our children may have left home.  Our parents are ageing and might have already passed away; likewise our aunts and uncles.  Our immediate family is growing smaller. …

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5 thoughts on “The Last Taboo

  1. If one engages with the world, no matter how old you are, one can never be lonely or feel that life has now passed them by. Engaging with friends, neighbors, and especially if one has meaningful work to do, such as developing a new hobby like drawing, painting, writing, teaching, caring for others by volunteering or joining an organization that helps the environment, the handicapped, helping at animal shelters, and even running for county school boards or state elections or being a mentor at a school or college. We are never to old to learn, to give, and care by sharing the knowledge we have learned in a life time of living. Karen

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  2. Sadly and unfortunately loneliness is a fast growing horrible problem for some groups. I have no Idea how to deal with it. Perhaps we should get some people together in groups across the country to see if they can talk out what we should do. Hugs

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