Something to think about!- Voluntary Work -A hugely valuable sector of the workforce and beneficial to those who volunteer.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

In this series I take a look at life and the elements that we need to think about to ensure that we take the best care of ourselves and our families. Also some of the topics that we perhaps don’t like to talk about…

There are over three quarters of a million volunteers in the UK who work unpaid for a number of enterprises including the largest, the Charity sector. There are also thousands here in Ireland you contribute their time on a regular basis. This does not include those who might give up a few hours or even days each week to help out neighbours, friends and family.

This might range from mums helping out at schools, teenagers working after school and weekends for charity shops, grandparents taking on the role of childcare, retired men and women continuing to use their work skills in mentoring roles, or even walking…

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