Jazz Age Wednesdays 2

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Welcome back to Jazz Age Wednesdays. I’m still celebrating the release of Murder at the Bijou — Three Ingredients I.

For this weekly feature my intention was to make things easy for myself by re-sharing short stories I had already written. However, to day I’m posting an all new vignette. It’s another hump day so my “thing” to create this story was, of course, camel!

In the time-line of the Pip-verse, this story falls between the two books. Paisley Idelle Peabody, aka Pip, has just arrived in Savannah, Georgia. She is late meeting her grandmother, but you saw the reason for that last week. (Just a note — While this vignette happens immediately after “Pip Arrives in Savannah,” the other stories for Jazz Age Wednesdays are not in any particular order. It is not a serial, so one doesn’t necessarily follow the next…)

Those of you who have followed the old three things serials for some time will recognize a character from Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers.

Pip Sees a Camel

A Teenage Lucille Ball

The delivery truck from Wong’s Chinese puttered down Pearl Street in downtown Savannah, Georgia. I had already thanked Alastair Wong about a million times for giving me a lift to his family restaurant, where I was supposed to meet up with my grandmother.

I knew we were late, but it couldn’t be helped. I also knew Granny Phanny didn’t like to be kept waiting. She could get downright ugly about it.

Anyway, I was feeling too antsy to beat my gums in chitchat. Instead I looked out the window at the unfamiliar street and buildings as Alastair drove past. Based on the sales signs in business windows, this city was a lot more expensive than my little hometown outside Sarasota Sound, Florida.

Finally, I saw the storefront of the restaurant. A peep in the window told me the joint was elegant. I imagined all the patrons in their glad rags, and cringed when I looked down and saw a splash of orange juice on the front of my frock. Nervously I adjusted my pink cloche hat…

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Jazz Age Wednesdays 2


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