Short Story Saturday – No Pain, No Gain Part 3

Well, Hurricane Irma prevented me from posting a new installment of this story last week. Preparations for the storm and the eventual loss of power impacted my blogging and writing schedule. It also gave me time to think of what direction this story might take and I think I’ve got some cool ideas in mind. It appears that there will be at least one more part after this one as it’s taking a bit longer to unwind the events that are affecting our poor main character, Joyce.

Please enjoy Part 3 of No Pain, No Gain

Joyce sat in the waiting room wearing a ball cap she found in the back of her closet. What was going on? Did she have cancer? But cancer patients lost their hair from the treatment, not the disease. Maybe she had one of those other diseases that caused women to lose their hair.

The nurse called her back to the intake area and made her stand on the scale and took her vital signs. She then led Joyce to an examination room.

“I just need to take a quick history,” the nurse said.

She led Joyce through a litany of questions that had nothing to do with this visit.

“So, what is the reason for your visit today,” the nurse finally asked.

Joyce explained the initial hair loss and the tooth. Then she too off her ball cap and four or five more clumps of hair came with it. The nurse had seen many situations in her employ with the medical practice, but her response to this was, “Oh my. The doctor will be in soon.” She said this as she exited the room as if it was on fire.

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No Pain, No Gain Part 3


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