One or two of the practicalities, and their usefulness in social cleansing #offgrid #narrowboat #england

The Intrepid Ian extols the vagaries (and fun) of Narrowboating 😎

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

The canals, eh?

Nothing to do but totter around occasionally waggling the tiller and calling down to the engine room for “full astern ahead all stop finished with engines give me all you’ve got” and “ramming speed if you please, Mr Oily Wragg”.

Well, yes – and no.

Dreamy Blend Photo Effect:

Living on a boat boldly going around the canal system where only a split infinitive has gone before is something of a manual process. Water comes out of the taps, but only if I fill the tank once in a while.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool:

The toilet does whatever it is that toilets mysteriously do do, but only if I empty it once in a while. The stove heats the whole boat, but it needs me to find and feed it firelighters and kindling and coal. With some cunning woodwork changes the Cardinal (now) has room for five sacks of coal to be hidden away…

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6 thoughts on “One or two of the practicalities, and their usefulness in social cleansing #offgrid #narrowboat #england

    • They are indeed, sir. I make a point on my travels of lingering and exploring to either side of the canal – anywhere within walking distance. The best part is that, once back at the boat, I’m home! The speed we travel at seems to be more …human, somehow. Have you holidayed on or lived on a narrowboat?

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      • We spent a week on one on our first UK visit. Loved it, and were able to extend our range with a bit of cunning bus-catching. Boating along bridges, over the tops of roads, railways and rivers, and through tunnels, greatly appealed to my sense of humour, as did going up or down the more spectacular flights of locks. It took me half the week to realise, though, that I only needed to open one of the gates.

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